02 October 2012

Mommy Cat

Mommy Cat

A big white cat has been lurking around the apartment these couple of weeks. The Master has been sharing with her my kitty cat food. I don't mind really. There's always more than enough kitty food for everyone.

The Master calls her Mommy Cat because he knows she's had lots of little kitties. Early this year she had a litter. Maybe Caramella's her daughter. I'm not really sure.

When I got to chat with Mommy Cat. She told me the story about how the The Master saved her life. It was the time when the rains came pouring. She got caught in a storm stranded on top of a tree stump surrounded by flood. Luckily the Master came home and saw her. The Master carried her to safety and placed her gently behind the plants in front of Apartment 1B where it was dry and warm.
Feeding Mommy Cat

The Master came home really late one night and I was waiting for him to come home and give me my dinner. On the way in he had discovered Mommy Cat had decided to stay in the plant box in front of Apartment 1B and have another litter. The Master told me we had cute little kitties outside the apartment. I gave the Master a little nosey bump and a cheek rub to remind him that there was also a cute little kitty inside the apartment and that that kitty was really really hungry.

The Master was very happy seeing the kitties outside. He would always give Mommy Cat food every morning and in the evening time. Sometimes he would even feed her ahead of me saying that we should feed our lovely guest first. That's okay I guess.

Surprise at our doorstep!
This morning we have the surprise of our life. Mommy Cat decided to carry all her kitties and that are now living right outside our door. There are five little kitties. Four of them all white- Blanc, Blanche, Blanchette, and Snow- it's really hard to tell them apart right now. They all have identical blue eyes. There is also one black and white who the master calls Pepper.

Surrounding Pepper are Blanc, Blanche, Blanchette, and Snow
Walter Mellon Collie and I look forward to seeing how all of this will pan out. How we can all live inside and outside Apartment 1B.


20 September 2012

Ari's Street

It’s raining outside and the weather is lazy. I was roaming around the apartment when I heard Walter and some of the apartmentites talking in the kitchen. There were quiet murmurs and silent muffled laughter. I was in no particular mood to join in whatever they were discussing but I decided to walk over anyways.
On the way over a white cloud gently floated down from the kitchen counter in front of me. It was a big white plastic bag. It flowed so beautifully in front of my walking path. As if by magic it wanted to stop me from joining the others. I walked all around it taking in smells so that I could figure out where it may have come from. It smelled of vegetables- carrots, tomatoes, turnips, and tarragon. I guess it came from the Sunday Market where the Master goes to every Sunday. The Master may have left it on the counter. Strange because he’s very fastidious about these things. Plastic bags are folded neatly in small triangles and sorted by size in a neat row.
The big white bag was open. It was moving very slightly from side to side as if it were under water inside Flamenca’s tank and not right in front of me. It was inviting so I slowly stepped in.
Me in the Big wehite Bag

I like plastic bags. I was delivered to my foster mom, Mommy Gia, in one. I don’t remember much of it but my foster brother and sisters told me all about it. Mommy Gia had a dog and three cats. The lovely dog was named Hazel, who thinks she’s a cat and is by all means an honorary cat. Hazel sniffed out the Master when Mommy Gia was interviewing him for the adoption. Hazel said he gave nice pets and knew where to scratch and gave a very nice pep talk while doing it so the Master got approved to adopt me. The three cats were my big brother Mango, and my sisters Gucci and Prada. Mommy Gia preferred cats to luxury bags. They were all adopted from a shelter in Wisconsin. I miss those guys but as Mango said, all cats must find their own way.
My real brother and I were about 7 days old when we were rescued and found our way to Mommy Gia’s home. Our mommy was probably away looking for food that night and someone snatched us and we were places inside a plastic bas and thrown beside a trashcan. Someone did not want us to be where we were.
Luckily 2 boys were out early playing that early morning. It was still dark and they heard our cries over the sound of the oncoming dump truck. The boys were scared and their hearts were beating as faster than the beat of the truck’s diesel engine. One of the boys sucked up the courage to see what was in the bag. It was me and my brother. They snatched just as one of the collectors approached.
We were not yet saved as the boys did not know what to do with us. Two of their girl friends came and told them to take us to Aries St. where a cat lover lived. The house was empty and they were told that the lady of the house out of town. The kids were desperate to find help for us. So the maid who answered the door told the kids of another cat lover on Libra St.
Ari and Fiero Fellini

Once they were on Libra St. they saw the house and felt everything was going to be okay. The front lawn was full of happy healthy cats. The kids gave us to Mommy Gia who wrapped us in towels and gave us warm kitty milk. My brother and I are going to be okay.
Ahhhh Warm Kitty Milk

I’m glad the Master named me Ari. It’s close to my favorite street- Aries St., my street, the street where I was turned away and found my foster home.

18 September 2012

The Monkey Cat

The Master has been down these days and I have not been able to cheer him up.  I tried all types of games but all of them do not work. The “bite fingers hiding under the pillows while he’s fast asleep” game. The “run our from under the bed and bite the toes” game. I also tried fishing for fish also known as the “jump on top of the aquarium and scoop out the fish” game. 

Before he would carry me off the aquarium and say “the kitty cat wants to play with the fishies?!” But these days it’s just "Mister Ari Fellini off the Aquarium. Don’t disturb Flamenca (the Fish).” Which brings me to my next point- The Master has been Full Naming me!

Anyways, I know I can find something new to cheer him up. I know the Master uploaded a video of me leaping from the big chair to the bookshelf. That gave him a big kick. So I thought maybe some acrobatics would do the trick.

So while he’s away the bed and I have been practicing walking on Ms. Kathrine the big bed’s rails. Ms Kathrine is quite tall and balancing on the slippery cold metal proved to be quite challenging. The small bed, my bed Duchess also helped. (I should mention her now before she reminds me over and over again to mention that she helped.) Duchess also helped by providing great rest and encouragement for the next practice run.

The other evening, the master was lounging around the apartment. I kinda felt he was again feeling a bit low. So Ms Kathrine, Duchess, and Walter told me to do the thing. Duchess calls it “Balancing on the Bed” and she is ever so dutiful in reminding me that she was the one who invented the name for whatever I was going to do for the Master.

Me doing some Bed Balancing for the Master

So I did! The Master got a kick out of it and now calls me his “Acro-cat.” He says I’m not a bat but a cat so I’m not an Acrobat but an “Acro-Cat”. The second time I did it he called me a “Monkey-Cat”. I much prefer that. It sounds more action movie kung fu technique.